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The importance of food education

David Nabarro, former UN special envoy to Sustainable Development Goals says that food education is the only intervention that helps achieve all 17 Global Goals

The Food Heroes curriculum has 5 main characters that go on a Quest to save the world guided by their camp counselor, Sage. Children are led through interactive narratives each class in this year long program.

Challenge Video Link

Challenge Introduction Video :

Dropbox Folder of Materials:

There are many different gamification mechanisms in the curriculum. There are links to all of our curriculum materials for reference in the following dropbox folder:

Inside this folder you will find a folder of Game Boards and a proposed table game called "Rainbow Race". You will also find a folder of Game Cards we have designed for use with the game boards. There are also old Octalysis Materials placed there for reference.

Current State of our Curriculum & Introduction to the Materials

Currently, our curriculum consists of 37 classes and 3 quests. The game unfolds during the course of a year. Students are players who master 17 challenges to achieve 3 quests and ultimately become Food Heroes themselves. The curriculum includes 34 forty-minute classes and 3 assessment classes.

Game Boards

The most prominent boards in the curriculum are used are below: